About Velocity

Brandy Priest – Owner

Velocity Advertising, LLC is owned and operated by Brandy Priest.

Mission Statement

VELOCITY- Life is Constantly in MOTION. Always MOVING. CHANGING. GROWING. EVOLVING. A RHYTHM in its PROGRESSION. With Knowledge of this MOVEMENT, Velocity Advertising Helps GROW Your Business in This EVER CHANGING World.

We Work to PROMOTE Your Products & Services Through SPECIFIC TARGETED Mediums That Will GENERATE an IMPACTFUL FLOW of INCREASED Customers & Profits for Your Business.

Brandy has worked with:

  • Inspire Marketing Advertising Agency
  • FOX 51 & NBC 56 Television
  • The Breeze Radio Station 95.3 & 102.3
  • Lamar Outdoor Billboard
  • The Blaze Radio Station 102.7 & 106.9 and 99.3 Jack FM
  • Texas State University 2005 (Bachelor’s Degree- Communication Studies; Minor Psychology)